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Katie Lamb - Logic and Rhynn

So 2020 starts off slightly frustratingly as lord Logic is needing more time than previously thought to recover from an injury he sustained just before the home international last year. He owes me absolutely nothing tho so he can have as much rest and recovery as he needs. My aims will hopefully be to start riding him in the summer and hopefully get qualified for the ROR championships in October. If luck is on our side I'd love to put forward and have another go at the home international but we would need to get selected pressure Logic........


On a slightly more exciting note we have just welcomed Rhynn into the family. He's a just backed rising 4 year old by Cavalier Royal and my aims this year will be just to get him out and about seeing the world, we will do boot camps, training weekends and hope to do our first dressage test towards the end of the summer. He's a big lad at already 17hh so he will be given as much time as he needs to grow and develop at his own speed. I feel very lucky to have 2 super talented horses looked after so well by Karen always there to help and guide me through all the bumps in the road we all seem to encounter with horses! Watch this space.........

Logic 2
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