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Lizzie and Cillechuimen Hootenanny (Hoots)

I have owned Hoots since she was a weanling; she is now eight and has grown up into everything I hoped for. Exmoor ponies, like many natives, typically take a while to mature and she was no exception. At six, she was broken by Gail Whetter and since then has been slowly brought on contesting showing classes, along with dressage and plenty of hacking. She is a huge character, who loves her work but likes to keep everyone on their toes!


This year she will step up into open ridden classes, after standing 3rd in the prestigious championship for novice ponies, the Picton final at the NPS Summer Championships.


I work full time in corporate Learning and Development, so the ponies are done around that (with some help from the equine world’s Mary Poppins!). I am working really hard on my mindset, alongside my physical fitness to make sure I get the most out of this year.


I’m a firm believer in asking for help and having the right team around you. Karen is a really important part of our squad; hugely knowledgeable, passionate, honest and a great sense of humour! I’ve learnt so much and have really seen the difference in Hoots in the time she has been working with her. I’m so proud to represent Karen and the work she does - please say hello if you see us at shows! 

Hoots EMBT
Hoots 2
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