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Luna - Owner Phoebe and Sue Mcauley


In April our 6yr old mare, Luna, had a fall and became seriously lame. After 10 weeks of trying various things, she was still struggling to walk and lift her hind legs and we were beginning to despair that she would ever recover. Then a friend recommended Karen and we have not looked back. At the initial consultation, Karen did an in-depth assessment and asked all the right questions which quickly got to the root of the injury. She gave Luna a long treatment and left us with an action plan (and hope) for the following weeks. Karen is friendly and approachable, shares her knowledge freely and gives clear explanations of the reasons behind her thinking. What makes Karen stand out from other therapists is her truly holistic approach, depth of knowledge and commitment to putting the horse’s welfare first. She works in partnership with owners so that you feel actively involved in your horse’s recovery at all times. Written follow-up plans are provided so you are always sure of what to do, plus Karen is happy to be contacted with any queries between visits.

Recovery has been a long, slow process but Karen has kept us fully motivated and Luna challenged and we have seen progress throughout. When we have encountered obstacles along the way, Karen has always had an alternative solution to keep us all focussed and on track. We are now seeing all the hard work come to fruition with Luna having her first canter in 28 weeks - a truly wonderful moment! I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone and everyone - wether your horse is injured, recovering, under-performing or just needs a tailor-made fitness plan, Karen will have a solution. Thank you Karen, from Phoebe, Sue - and Luna.



In spring 2010 Skye had a bad accident which needed extensive recovery and involved a 3 week stay at the Newmarket Equine Hospital (AHT). She had torn both hind suspensory ligaments, had numerous fractures and tendon damage to her forelimbs. The overall outlook was guarded but with time Skye healed and I was able to ride her, but my once confident mare had lost all her confidence in going forward and would panic, buck and fall in on circles in canter.


Her muscles were unbalanced as she had adapted to carring herself differently due to the exstensive injuries she had recovered from. In May 2013 Karen started working on Skye with massage and a range of rehabilitation plans. She began to gradually improve. Skye before her accident had been a very sucessful Show Horse winning over 150 championships in her career as well as affiliated show jumping.


In July 2013 I decided to take Skye to a show to see if it would further her confidence after her inital treatments. It did and she won all 3 classes and went on to ridden champion and then took the supreme champion at the show. After this boost in confidence and further treatments  we then competed at the 2013 Equestrian Life Showing Championship taking home the Supreme Veteran Champion in the evening performance with Skye then 17 years old. Not bad for a horse that only a few months previous could not manage a full circle in canter!


Thank you Karen




Yazmin - Owner Nicola Wood


Karen treated my horse for a number of sessions and in that time proved to be most professional.  Her knowledge of all aspects of equine massage and it's impact on horse health and way of going was second to none; I learnt a great deal! Karen not only provided help and advice at the time of treatment but also gave me a range of exercises to ensure that her good work continued. The  impact on my old cob (22 and still going strong) was increased flexibility and a much more fluid range of movement.



Pegasus - Owner Karen


Having had a major operation which was followed by complications, I needed a gentle but effective rehabilitation program for my pony Pegasus. Karen was recommended to me and I sought her help. She started work on Peg 2 years ago and I found her both courteous and knowledgeable. She has worked with Peg to strengthen his muscular frame and gradually re-balance him. He is now back in full work and is a joy to ride. I cannot thank Karen enough for her help and advise.





Blue - Owner Tammy Hobson


Karen first came to blue a year ago when I first bought her, she was moody and stiff and awful to groom especially around her back end from living on steep hills, and being ridden in a false outline, her rear muscles were so sore I could only brush her with a body brush a little at a time before she got uncomfortable and bolshy. Karen worked wonders with her, gave us exercises to do in between visits which also helped us bond, she had muscle wastage at her shoulders and by summer we had managed to totally transform her shape even with me being a mum and not getting to ride as often as I'd like, we did our first endurance ride in October and she looked like a different horse, I'd recommend Karen to anyone and I make sure that I keep up my girls check ups to stay on track.


Karen is always at the end of the phone/email and has helped me whenever I've felt confused or out of my depth nothing ever seems too much trouble. I thought I'd bought a nightmare horse with her initial issues but getting the right person involved meant I could do everything is hoped to do, can't recommend her enough!!



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